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John also provides his services in      
scripting and producing Corporate Videos.               
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John also provides his services in scripting and producing Corporate Videos for companies, normally for either training or motivational themes. However, keeping with his motto or delivering wow factors, John’s productions are normally laced with a good amount of wit and humour.

We can all recall the John Cleese training videos, where the Faulty Towers/Monty Python star pokes satirical fun at various staid business practices, in order to highlight operational flaws in the corporate world.

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Whilst John does not quite go to the lengths of John Cleese, he recognises that any such training or motivational videos need to be entertaining, in order to have an impact upon employees and/or suppliers.

“Humour is certainly the best way to showcase operational or customer service issues” says John, “because after all, it is by the use of Mr Bean or John Cleese-style exaggeration, that the message gets through to employees loud and clear.”


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John has also produced videos with new product launches, once again employing the use of exaggeration and humour in order to maintain interest for the viewer (and keep in mind the “viewer” in these instances are traditionally employees of the company launching the product.)

John manages the corporate video production from start to finish, with his roles including:

  • Receiving the brief from the client.
  • Preparing a draft script and format, for the client to approve.
  • Upon client’s approval, fine-tuning the script.
  • Arranging for the Production Crew (cameramen, sound, lighting, audio, etc).
  • Arranging for any voice overs/musical tracks.
  • Editing the video to create the finished product.
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Click to enlarge newsletter article from the Chief Executive of the Greater Building Society.

Being comfortable in front of the camera, John also has featured in numerous such videos, by hitting the streets and interviewing unsuspecting pedestrians about certain new product offerings or services.

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Additionally, in the instance of one client, namely the Greater Building Society, John regularly puts together 15-minute corporate video presentations which are used at company staff functions as a motivational tool, as well as light entertainment.

In these instances, John takes a camera crew with him through the Society’s Head Office and interviews staff, gaining their light-hearted opinion on various aspects of the new product or service.

Generally, this all adds up to a hilarious, but motivational 15-minute big screen video at the evening cocktail function!


Given John’s many years of experience in television/radio production, he has been able to surround himself with a high level of expertise when it comes to video and sound production.

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John takes the role of “ringmaster” if you like, utilising the expertise of cameramen, sound and lighting technicians, voice talent and digital video editors. John realises that because most companies do not have the production budget of Coca Cola, McDonald’s or Sanyo, he needs to provide such production expertise at a cost-effective price.

Therefore, his core team of production people provide their services to John at an attractive rate, due to the volume of work he provides to them.

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Additionally, because John wears the hat of both producer and director, he further reduces the cost of producing such videos and passes this straight on to his clients. Hence, you, the client, gain the cost benefit of his “buying power.” Obviously, the cost of any such video productions depends upon numerous aspects.

However, John’s 10-15 minute presentations have ranged from $3,000 to $15,000, well and truly demonstrating that he can deliver exceptional value for money in this arena.

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