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It is also important to extract      
further sales from existing customers.               

With the “Information Age” upon us, John recommends to many of his clients that they take full advantage of the information that they probably have at their disposal, in terms of customer databases.

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Kooee Telecommunications letterbox campaign brochure.

Even in today’s sophisticated business community, it is surprising just how many companies are not utilising the power of their database and this is where John’s expertise can help.

Aside from helping clients realise the value of customer data they have gathered, John also helps the companies to identify which data they should be collecting for the future.

It is one thing to acquire new customers, but it is also important to extract further sales from existing customers. Once having determined a company’s “most profitable customer segment”, it is much easier to create a “predictive modelling formula”, based on acquiring similar customers. Things such as “life-time value analysis” can be introduced into the marketing equation and before long, a fully integrated and measurable marketing plan can be put into motion.

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John produced a D.M. campaign for a C.B.D. Building Society location which needed some 'wow factoring' to alert city workers of its existence. Because he knew a traditional home loans brochure would probably be thrown away, he developed a 'free lunch offer' with Maccas, in order to highlight the 'free holiday' message from the Greater.

Using various techniques, John can assist in segmenting one’s database, to identify various consumer demographics. The result of this “segmentation” is that specific targeted communication messages can be targetted to customer groups, therefore increasing the chances of making a sale. (And decreasing wastage). The end result is of course, a much more efficient marketing spend and also the subsequent reduction in “cost per sale”.

Internet Marketing obviously also comes into play with regard to reaching members of a database. Although anti-spam laws have reduced the opportunity for mass Direct Marketing, the Internet is still an excellent and cost-efficient means of regularly communicating with one’s database on a “permission basis.”

However, the trick is to ensure that such communications are exciting and interesting – and that’s where John’s expertise once again comes in. His Internet Marketing advice is once again to ensure that any communication has a “wow factor” ingredient, in order to capture the respondents’ attention.

After having profiled a company’s customer base, it is likely that certain “trends” will be apparent, with the most important being the profile of “high value customers”. Once having identified such profiles, companies can then “look for more people who look like their most profitable customers”.

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John produces Direct Mail campaigns for all sizes of businesses.

And again, this is where John’s expertise comes in. Working closely with Information Solutions Specialists, he can provide analytical software such as MapInfo and Mosaic, which provide valuable consumer profile data on a geographical basis, right around Australia.

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John provides clients with Census Mapping information, targeting their most profitable customers.

For example, if a particular Department Store’s most profitable customer profile happens to be AB Demographic with a household income of $100,000+, John can provide geo-demographic information which shows postcodes in which those particular type of consumers actually live.

By using such “location intelligence”, John is able to build this into one’s Marketing Plan as a critical “decision support tool”. The result is that such “location intelligence” equates to “ a business advantage”.

This information is collected from Census Data and provided by Information Solutions companies, for the purpose of Marketeers like John to use in a marketing sense.

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A postcard letter box campaign, highlighting the free holiday concept from the Greater Building Society.

Execution of Direct Marketing Initiatives

Once having identified where the most likely (or profitable) prospects live, John then puts on his “creative hat” and designs appropriate communication devices to capture their attention.

John uses numerous art studios for the compilation of his ideas, but essentially provides the Artists with a general layout and design, together with copy. In some instances, Direct Mail campaigns may simply be a persuasively crafted letter. On other occasions, it may be a paper-engineered foldout brochure.

But whatever the design, the ultimate aim that is foremost in John’s mind when designing such pieces, is of course selling product and building the brand.

Press Advertising

Whilst not as targeted as “Database Marketing or Direct Mail”, press advertising certainly has a place for many of John’s clients. And therefore, he approaches the design and make-up of press advertisements in the same vein as he does with Direct Mail.

If it is to work, it must firstly stand out and secondly, must have a compelling sell message.

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