Fast Food Chains
Fast food outlets look for “collectible      
series” to stimulate repetitive trade.               

With the Fast Food Industry growing at a remarkable pace throughout the 90’s, John was frequently asked to provide promotional concepts to the likes of KFC, Red Rooster and Pizza Hut. In some cases, such chains would ask for sweepstakes competitions or scratch ticket promotions. At other times, such chains were looking for ideas which may possibly tie in with a soon to be released blockbuster movie or television series.

On one occasion, John joined forces with the official supplier of MacDonald’s promotions, to provide MacDonald’s with a collectible series of Rugby League drinking cups. There were six cups in the collectible series which were part of a “meal combo”, each cup featuring one of the major Rugby League stars of the time. (eg Mal Meninga, Alfi Langer). The Collectible Rugby League Cup Promotion was strategically run throughout the State of Origin period, therefore gaining huge momentum from the increased general interest in Rugby League during that time.

Because all fast food chains recognize the importance of “pester power” John has been one of the first ports of call because of his wide experience in producing marketing concepts which are attractive to children. With six kids of his own, he certainly has had lots of “pester power experience” in his own household!!

Where “premiums” are involved, fast food outlets always look for a “collectible series” in order to stimulate repetitive trade from consumers. So whether it be a series of Disney mugs, Star Wars placemats or The Simpson’s moulded figurines, the magic ingredient is that each part “is one of the set of four, five or six”.

And with John’s vast experience in producing “tease factor” consumer games (ie: Bingo and Sticker Series) “collectibility” is his middle name!

In instances where he provides such services to a fast food chain, John works closely with the relevant chain’s Advertising Agency in the preparation of advertising and point of sale material.


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