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One of John's stunning examples of      
real estate themed “Wow Factor marketing”.                
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John produced very prestigious brochures for the sale of his property. Click for PDF version. (Allow around 30 seconds for Broadband download.)

Probably one of the more stunning examples of real estate themed “Wow Factor marketing” was for John’s own property at Gloucester in New South Wales.

John certainly created 'Wow Factor' for the sale of his property, with Ray Martin featuring it on Channel Nine's - A Current Affair.

Given that “marketing consultancy” is John’s means of income, it is hardly surprising that he decided to undertake the marketing of his homestead himself! After all, his “media contacts” would hopefully now come home to roost for his personal benefit, rather than for his clients, as is the normal case!

John’s property in Gloucester was an 11 ½ acre “rural oasis” with a four-bedroom western red cedar home, a four-bedroom two-storey log cabin, tennis court, golf greens, a perch-filled dam, winding creek and a multitude of serene picnic spots. In other words, it was blessed with “Wow Factor after Wow Factor!”

It was pretty obvious to John that the likely buyer for this property would come from the “big smoke”, probably Sydney, given that it was only 2 ½ hours’ drive away. He therefore concentrated his marketing efforts on Sydney, with a particular emphasis on the North Shore.

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Full page press ads John ran in newspapers.

As the property’s price tag was over $1 million, he ensured that any marketing literature was appropriately communicative of the property’s unique assets and ambience.

Through a mixture of strategic planning and personal contacts, John was able to feature the property through full-page advertising in Sydney’s Sunday newspapers, editorials in the various real estate sections of Sydney daily newspapers…….and the piece de resistance, on Ray Martin’s A Current Affair on the Nine Network!

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Editorial in Sydney's Sun Herald newspaper.

Yes, that’s right! John’s property was featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair program in a 4-minute segment devoted to “do it yourself real estate”. The Channel 9 A.C.A. crew landed a helicopter on John’s property and filmed all of the various “Wow Factor elements”, together with an interview with John. This was turned into a D.I.Y. Real Estate story and surprise, surprise, John’s property was sold within days thereafter! (For a price well over the reserve.)

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John produced an 8-page A4 size colour booklet on high quality paper stock. This booklet provided interested parties with all the details of the property.
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John also sent out press releases to all real estate sections of newspapers throughout New South Wales, but this wasn’t just your normal PR release. John’s version was one full of “theatre” and strong persuasive copy. (And that’s the secret!). He also went to the trouble to create an individual website for his property, which, once again, exuded “Wow Factor” all over! His website can be seen at

When one considers that there would be thousands upon thousands of real estate properties for sale every week, exposure on a national television programme is of course, quite extraordinary.

How does John do it? He quotes” I guess it looks simple, but there is a list of ingredients to creating such marketing hype – and I suppose that’s what I get paid for!”

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