Confectionary Industry
John helped a Confectionery Company      
in marketing “Licensed Confectionery”.                


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During the late ‘90’s, John was asked to assist a Sydney Confectionery Company in providing ideas for “Licensed Confectionery”, featuring well known cartoon characters or movie icons.

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This company saw an opportunity in exploiting the equity value in such licensed characters and John assisted in not only recommending the properties they should acquire, but also in the design of packaging, content and free incentives.


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Firstly, John identified that the company wished to target the under-10 years of age market and subsequently researched the appropriate animated characters that would fit this target audience.

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John helped design and develop products such as:

  • Winnie The Pooh chocolate covered Hunny Balls (with a surprise window lights sticker inside each pack).
  • Humphrey Bear creamy milk Chocolate Bar. (Milk chocolate moulded to the shape of Humphrey Bear). Inside each packet was a fun Humphrey sticker.
  • Toy Story Inter-Galactic Jelly Beans (with a free re-stickable sticker and movie card inside each pack).
  • Where’s Wally Lollies (with a free “Pocket Puzzler” in every pack).
  • Mr. Potato Head Potato Chips (with free crazy re-stickable stickers inside each pack).


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The result of creating such innovative licensed confectionery products was that retailers, including the major supermarket chains, immediately stocked the lines because of their potential mass appeal.

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John organised marketing and promotional activity with major newspapers and television networks with the Pooh chocolate-coated hunny ball product becoming one of Woolworths’ fastest selling confectionery lines within a number of weeks. Likewise, the Pooh product became the third fastest selling Caltex Service Station confectionery line within days after a special promotion with Sunday newspapers.

With John playing a multi-dimensional role in securing the licences, designing the packaging and creating the marketing plan, his involvement certainly showcased his ability to “wear several hats.”

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All of John's confectionary products had a 'value add' reward for children,
in order to stimulate repetitive purchasing.
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