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John was asked to provide “Direct Response-style”      
Marketing advice to Kooee.               


John's television commercials always have 'a call to action'.

Kooee Communications is a full service telecommunications company, offering National and International telephony, broadband and internet services.

The Company is delivering much needed competition to the traditional communications providers, with a focus on regional areas. Kooee is part of the Washington H. Soul Pattinson group of companies.

John was asked by Kooee to provide “Direct Response-style” Marketing advice, where Kooee could measure the appeal of its various products instantaneously. The telecommunications industry is a very competitive one, with the need for companies to constantly re-invent telephony and internet products regularly, in order to “steal” customers from competitors.

Branding, of course, is very important, but a vast majority of consumers are constantly looking for “the best deal”. Therefore, it is vital for any telecommunications company to be able to quickly adapt to market forces, both in its product offerings and in its marketing messages.

Because John prides himself on “acting quickly”, he can provide the appropriate solution to Kooee’s needs in this instance. The telecommunications industry historically suffers from consumer scepticism and in order to combat this, John recommended to Kooee that “customer testimonials” be used in its marketing communications.

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Therefore, using the in-house production facilities of NBN Television (part of the Soul Pattinson Group), John tapes scores of customer endorsements from satisfied Kooee consumers. He also does this with Kooee’s Corporate customers and features these as a major part of the fabric of all Kooee marketing. Having such customer testimonials adds integrity to the product offerings and most customers are only too happy to oblige in this way.

Using geo-demographic profile information, from Census Data, John has also helped Kooee target specific regions with Direct Mail communications. The idea has been to “target” householders who look like Kooee’s most profitable customers. (Done via Mosaic Profiling Information.)

Traditionally, a heavy TV campaign is followed by a Direct Mail brochure being delivered in a specific area, and then followed up by targeted out-bound telemarketing. The acquisition rates of such advertising prove that such multi-dimensional marketing tactics always work best. (When used strategically in cohesion, of course).


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The results of television campaigns that have a high frequency level have been outstanding, with the quantity of incoming calls being significantly higher than previous efforts.

Specific sales results are confidential, but Kooee’s penetration into both the business and consumer sectors continues to rise. With the assistance of “geodemographic mapping”, Kooee is able to focus its marketing messages to areas which have a significant quantity of its target audience.

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