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John has a vast amount of history in      
producing television and radio commercials.               
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John has a vast amount of history in producing television and radio commercials for a wide range of clients. As part of his Marketing services, he provides expertise in developing scripts and then producing the commercials.

John surrounds himself with camera crews, sound technicians and editing suites of a high standard and depending upon the client’s needs, he makes selections from this core group of suppliers.

Always being conscious of today’s clients needing to keep costs to a minimum, John has surrounded himself with technical support that comes at a cost-efficient rate. He realises that clients are not interested in their advertisements winning “creative awards” at some overseas media festival. He appreciates that the client needs the sales message to break-through the electronic media clutter and stimulate consumer response.

So unlike many Advertising Agencies that look for the huge “James Bond Budget” for special effects (so that their advertisement will vie for rewards and be impressive on their show reel), John concentrates on delivering exceptional value to the client. And normally, this equates to producing a relatively inexpensive commercial that results in outstanding sales figures!

At the end of the day, John’s clients want to protect and build upon their brand but, they also want instant sales results!

One of John’s current clients used to pay its Advertising Agency between $40,000 and $50,000 per 30-second TV commercial, with the sales results from these TV commercials being less than flattering. Indeed, sales remained a constant flat-line. The commercials concentrated more on the musical score and expensive props, rather than the more important sales message.

When John became responsible for the account, he rationalised the production process and installed his team of technical suppliers, with the result being that each TV commercial now costs less than $4,000 and the sales rate has exploded 300% from when the more expensive advertisements were screened.

This particular client now produces about a dozen TV commercials at the same cost of previously just one, meaning campaigns can be “refreshened” on a regular basis, avoiding “wear-out factor” on screen.

John has been involved in copywriting and production of TV and Radio commercials for the likes of:-

  • News Limited
  • Fairfax
  • Pacific Magazines
  • The NINE Network
  • The Greater Building Society
  • Parramatta Leagues,
  • Horizons Golf Resort
  • Hotel Cheque
  • Spree Travel
  • KFC
  • Red Rooster
  • The Newcastle Knights NRL Club
  • Woolworths
  • .. and scores of others.

In the instance of Radio production John recognises that this communications medium is “the theatre of the mind” and therefore understands the ability to create attention-getting sound effects at very little cost.

At the same time, he recognises that the script has to contain that all-important “Wow Factor”, in order for it to stimulate a positive consumer reaction.

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