Scratch Ticket Promotions
Over the years John has perfected      
various collect game formats.               

John is probably one of the most experienced marketeers in Australia in the field of designing and producing Sweepstakes and Scratch Ticket promotional concepts. Over the past two decades, John has been arguably the largest scratch game producer in Australia, providing News Limited, Fairfax, Pacific Publications, Westfield, Channel 9 and numerous other clients with scratch bingo and other scratch promotions.

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Scratch ticket concepts have historically “out-performed” the more mundane “name and address sweepstakes formula”, because of the “mystique” of having a hidden message or symbol behind the secret panel.

John’s concepts generally contained a “collect format” rather than an “instant win” game formula, as he strongly advocates that any such promotion needs to stimulate repetitive trade.

Over the years John has perfected various collect game formats, where consumers reveal a message or symbol behind the panel, which needs to be “collected” with others, in order to win a prize.

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John has an abundance of experience in designing such formats for various clients, whether they be business to business (ie: trade promotions) or business to consumer. And because of the printing techniques which he uses, he believes that his scratch ticket services are considerably less expensive than other alternative suppliers.

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John’s printing systems ensure that the latex is easy to “scratch off” and the in-built “security systems” provide for void if removed panels to protect against tampering.

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His services include the complete design of the scratch ticket concept and advise / recommendations on prizes. (ie: Which ones work and which ones don’t!)

Insurance is provided, giving clients “peace of mind” regarding the integrity of the promotion.

Through Lloyds of London and other Insurers, scratch promotions are covered with:

  • Comprehensive insurance cover for Erroneous Duplication Insurance (over-redemption) and Printers Errors Insurance.
  • Infidelity and/or Printing Errors Insurance.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance.
Here is a snapshot of the hundreds of scratch ticket promotions John designed and produced.
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