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John used direct marketing to encourage      
repetitive visits from the target audience.               


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Brochures such as this 4 page DL one were regularly mailed to Parramatta Leagues’ members who were under 30 yrs of age. Click for full PDF of brochure.

The Huuj Nightclub at Parramatta has utilised John’s direct marketing expertise on regular occasions, using Direct Mail and database mailing techniques to encourage repetitive visitation from its target audience.

This nightclub is situated at Parramatta Leagues Club and operates on weekends. Its target audience is predominantly under 30 years of age, which is a difficult age group to solicit loyalty from, given their appetite for “testing” different nightclub venues.


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Because the core target audience of under 30’s would be those who are living within a 10-15 km radius of the nightclub, tactics such as radio advertising need to be combined with more focused direct marketing initiatives such as letterbox and data base mailings.

Through geodemographic information, John is able to identify those suburbs which have a high percentage of 18-30 year olds – and therefore can pinpoint the most appropriate postcodes for letterbox mailings. And because the nightclub has created a valuable database of previous patrons, personalised mailings can be forwarded, providing special offers and bonuses to regular night clubbers. (eg: Two free drinks, free entry for a friend, etc.)

Make no mistake, this “under-30 age group” is a fickle one – and therefore loyalty is always going to be difficult to achieve. John’s advice has always been to continue building a

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database and use this as a valuable marketing resource on a regular basis.

Huuj Nightclub does this via regular emailing of special offers and events. The idea is to make Huuj patrons feel important and that they are members of a progressive nightclub.

Whilst radio advertising can obviously reach this 18-30 year old audience, it’s geographical coverage means there is a lot of wastage. (Given that Huuj’s audience predominantly comes from within 10-15 km.) Therefore, John’s ongoing advice to the nightclub is to combine “wow factor offers” with regular e-marketing and direct marketing.

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Direct Mail brochures such as these were distributed at Universities, railway stations and other places where under 30 yr old congregated.
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