Car Dealership - Surfers City Holden
Radio Station asked John to help stimulate      
sales for Surfers City Holden.               


In early 2005, Hot Tomato Radio Station on the Gold Coast (102.9FM) asked John if he could consider ways to help stimulate sales for some of its clients, one of which was Surfers City Holden.

The G.M.H Dealership was a leading Gold Coast New and Used vehicle icon and had been a regular Hot Tomato advertiser for some time.

John ascertained that a large proportion of the dealership’s sales come form suburbs within a 10km radius of its location.

And whilst radio advertising was certainly paying dividends for the dealership in terms of building its brand and stimulating sales, John recommended a “two-tier marketing approach”, involving a radio/direct mail combo strategy.


Together with John’s help, Hot Tomato developed a unique Advertising Package for Surfers City Holden – heavy radio frequency with a Direct Mail Campaign to 20,000 homes around the dealership.

Imagine that!

A radio station providing a “multi-dimensional” marketing solution to a client!

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Probably sounds like “oil and water” to 99% of other radio stations! But that’s where John’s “outside the square thinking” comes into play. He understood that motor vehicles are a “visual thing” and that most consumers are more enthused if they actually see the vehicle.

Therefore, the plan was to:

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  1. Create an “Event” mentality to the advertising campaign. Therefore, the campaign became the “END OF FINANCIAL YEAR STOCKTAKE SALE!” (It was June, 2005) This immediately infers a “sense of urgency” in Consumer’s minds.

  2. Produce an exciting 8 page A5 size gloss brochure, featuring both new and used vehicles at “SALE” prices. Distribute this to 20,000 homes immediately surrounding the dealership, mid-week prior to the “Weekend Sellout”. (A further 6,000 were mailed to a customer database.)

  3. Support the Direct Mail Campaign with a heavy radio campaign on Hot Tomato, with the “frequency” of ads becoming even higher as the “SALE WEEKEND” approached. Then on the SALE WEEKEND, Hot Tomato featured “live crosses” from the dealership, from its promotional vehicles.

    The station was also prominently featured “on-site” all weekend, giving away freebies to listeners and inviting everyone “to come on down!”

    The result was a hugely successful sales event, with both the station and GMH Dealer already planning the next one. It had “strategic wow” written all over it!

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