The Nasty
Bank Manger!
Nasty Bank Manager campaign for      
Greater Building Society.                
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In the second half of 2008 John was asked by his client, the Greater Building Society, to play the role of a nasty Bank Manager in a series of television commercials which he had conceived.

Some time earlier, John had devised a television concept which clearly distinguished banks from the Greater Building Society.

The commercials were to feature a rude and nasty Bank Manager, along the lines of John Cleese’s “Faulty Towers” character.

With customer satisfaction levels with the big banks being at a low level, this was an optimistic campaign to really strongly distinguish the “high service and no fees benefits” of being a customer of the Greater, versus the “poor service and heavy fees environment” of the banks.

The campaign featured the nasty Bank Manager (played by John) treating customers with disrespect, particularly when they had the audacity to ask for the same service and benefits they could receive at the Greater!

John came to play the role as the Bank Manager is a long story, but let’s put it this way – his client believed he had a natural ability to play “a nasty character!” (With tongue firmly planted in cheek of course!)

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