John Dwyer has been providing “Wow Factor”      
ideas to scores of industries for over 25 years.               

Coolibah Marketing was created by entrepreneur John Dwyer,
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John consults to companies on a short or long term basis, depending upon the client’s independent needs.

He is passionate about helping his clients develop a “wow factor” in their marketing offer and you’ll see scores of examples of this throughout this website.

If you want your business to benefit from the secrets of how to increase sales, you’ve come to the right place.

After all, principle John Dwyer holds Australian records for sales of products across a number of categories.

His 4.5 million Australian sales of a Batman licensed product in just 10 weeks continues to hold folklore status in the licensing industry across the world.

This stunning world record represents a four-fold multiple of U.S. sales for the same category! (On a per-capita basis).

More recently, John has been responsible for increasing a financial institution’s home loans by hundreds of millions of dollars in just 12 months! How?

By designing what many believe is the cleverest banking acquisition promotion ever launched in the world.

His “Get A Home Loan and Get A Free Holiday” concept for the Greater Building Society revolutionised acquisition tactics for the financial services industry and helped the society to double its home loans in just 12 months – and triple within 24 months!

And the records just keep coming. John’s “avalanche” marketing secrets have resulted in “sales records” for Rugby League products, with one such item reaching sales of an unbelievable 6 million units in one year.

His “Big News Game” promotional concept for the Nine television network resulted in a world record ratings lift within 2 weeks which is unlikely to ever be surpassed. (Ask any TV executive and you’ll find a lift from 19 to 41 points is extraordinary.)

And when it comes to “phone responses” from the general public, his amazing concept for Pacific Magazines’ New Idea and TV Week titles is still talked about in the telecommunications industry. Why? Because he generated over 400,000 phone responses within 2 weeks!!

In short, John is a walking/talking “ideas man” who has the runs on the board. He is much sought after as a consultant and as a guest speaker at business events.

Unlike many Advertising Agencies or Marketing Companies, when John gains a client who is looking for strategic marketing assistance, he doesn’t facilitate the original presentation and then go back to the office and delegate the job to a junior.

When you engage the company’s services, you engage John on a one to one basis. His Advertising and Marketing experience spans over 25 years and his client list over this time is an impressive testament to the demand for his unique marketing skills.

This client list includes the likes of News Limited, Westfield Shoppingtowns, Pacific Magazines, ACP, The Nine Television Network, Coles Myer Shopping Centres, Caltex, 7 Eleven, McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster, Panthers Rugby League Club and The Greater Building Society, NBN Television, Kooee Telecommunications, AccBis Accountancy Services and Video Ezy to name just a few.

Note that such clients are leaders or near the top of their respective field, again exemplifying the reputation that John has in the marketplace.

John provides his clients with much more than just valuable advertising advice. From the outset of any new client relationship, he meticulously studies the client’s business and its needs – and then provides a methodical, well thought-out marketing plan based on logic and research.

John takes a holistic approach to a client’s marketing needs, always ensuring that he’s delivering both short-term and long-term sales benefits. He provides clients with a comprehensive “marketing health check” and then delivers the prescription for better sales.

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John's census mapping strategies help clients zero in on their target audience more cost efficiently.

His consultancy services include providing expertise in the following areas:

  1. Research
  2. Development of Marketing Plans (based on research)
  3. Layout and design and copywriting (press/catalogues)
  4. Media analysis
  5. Database marketing and E-Marketing
  6. Television/radio commercials scripts and production
  7. Promotional campaigns
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Additionally, he supplements his strategic thinking with a huge dollop of “wow factor!”

And yes, it is this adherence to providing that extra entrepreneurial flair in the name of “wow factoring”, that makes John’s marketing services quite different from others in the marketplace.

John appreciates how competitive today’s marketplace is, no matter what industry you are in – and he therefore subscribes to the theory that “branding alone" may not be enough to get one across the line in today’s world”.

Whilst John’s “wow factor” may take many different disguises, depending upon the type of business you are in, the objective remains the same across the board.

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i.e: In a marketplace full of competitors, you need to create not just a unique selling point, but one with pizzazz and drawing power.

One of the best examples of this, which John quotes regularly, is the McDonalds’ Happy Meal product, which has been a “wow factor offer” for the fast food chain for many years now. Most of us will appreciate the power of the “free toy in the box”, having had first-hand experience of our children’s “pester power” from the back seat of the car!!

And John highlights “A wow factor doesn’t necessarily need to be a free gift, heavy discount or two for one offer.” He highlights the worldwide Westin Hotel Chain as a classic example of an upmarket business (with an upmarket clientele) which has designed a stunningly successful “wow factor” which suits its target audience. Westin Hotels promote that their rooms are equipped with the most comfortable bed and pillows in the world.

Westin Hotel Chain

Indeed, each bed has 5 pillows, each filled with European goose feathers. The mattresses are made exclusively for Westin by a US manufacturer, Simmons Inc.

The Hotel chain promotes the furniture as “A Heavenly Bed” – and given that everyone uses a hotel room to sleep, John highlights “they’ve nailed it.”

John recalls staying in San Diego’s Westin Hotel and experiencing first hand, the wow factor of “this amazingly comfortable bed.”

The “Heavenly Bed” feature immediately distinguishes a Westin hotel from any other – and has resulted in an extraordinary increase in consumer loyalty.

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“It’s a heavenly offer of the best night’s sleep of our life” says John. “And they live up to the promise and provide a unique feature which is not matched elsewhere.”

So if you are looking for some marketing direction for your business, but direction with that all-important “wow factor”, contact Coolibah Marketing.

And remember, when doing so, you will not be greeted by John and “flick-passed” to a junior. You will be assured of getting John’s personal and professional expertise on a one to one basis.

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