Client Case Studies
A series of case studies revealing the    
secrets behind John's marketing strategy.                

Below are a series of case studies from work completed by Coolibah Marketing.
Please click on any item for a full description of each.

Car Dealership - Surfers City Holden
Radio Station asked John to help stimulate sales for Surfers City Holden.

Cleaning Industry - Gerni
John prepared marketing campaigns for its Consumer and Business products.

Confectionary Industry
John helped a Confectionery Company in marketing “Licensed Confectionery”.

Dreams Can Come True
A TV show that made the fulfilment of unbelievable dreams a reality.

Finance Industry – Greater Building Society
John helped the Building Society distinguish its Home Loan product from its competitors.

KFC/Warners Bros. Concept
John created a smash hit idea within 15 days which saved KFC!

Menu Tranformation – St Tropez Café
John revolutionised St Torpez Cafe's menus.

Newspapers – Attack of the Dinosaurs
Through the appeal of dinosaus at the time, John created record newspaper circulation.

Newspapers - Disney Poster/Stickers
By using a disney poster and stickers, circulation was increased remarkably.

Newspapers – Door Hangers
A successful “continuity promotion” which John put together for newspapers.

Night Club Marketing – HUUJ Nightclub
John used direct marketing to encourage repetitive visits from the target audience.

Radio Magazine – Hot Tomato
John heped to contribute ideas for stimulating Advertising sales revenue.

Real Estate – Coolibah Creek
One of John's stunning examples of real estate themed “Wow Factor marketing”.

Relaxation Products – Tribal Essence
John provided advice in marketing their range of stunning products to “the masses”.

Resort - Greenmount Beach Resort
John injected some of his “wow factor” into marketing the Greenmount property!

Resort - Hotel Cheque
John overwhelming popularised the hotel accommodation discount offer.

Rugby League Clubs - Newcastle Knights
The Newcastle Knights requested John's "Wow" marketing assistance.

Trading Cards
John broke worldwide records for the sale of his “Batman Returns” trading cards!!

U.S. Shopping Centre
John was asked to provide ideas & promotions to stimulate repetitive trade.
Channel 9 “Big News” Game
John worked collaboratively with the Nine Network to accrue over $1 million in prizes!

Club Industry
John has assisted many Licensed Clubs over the years.

Convenience Store Marketing
Premium ideas to stimulate Slurpee ice drinks, targeted primarily at teenagers.

Expos – The Vitality Show
John marketed a Health & Well-being Exposition which toured nationally.

Generators – Genlite
John refurbish Genlites image and built them a successful marketing plan

Magazine Marketing – Women’s Day
John increased circulation through promotional ideas that appealed to all.

NBN “Frequent Viewer” Promo
John promoted channel loyalty by offering prizes for particular program watching.

Newspapers - Bingo Bingo Bingo
John came up with new innovative Bingo versions to capture the public’s imagination.

Newspapers – Disney Villains
Australian newspapers again asked John to provide them a Disney-themed stimulus.

Newspapers – Terrors of the Wild
John again created amazing newspaper circulation through another promotion.

Prostate Cancer Campaign
John raised prostate cancer awareness through this cheeky campaign.

Radio Station - 2UW
John devised a Direct Mail scratch bingo style concept called Cash Card.

Real Estate - East Coast Conveyancing
John's advice helped this company enjoy a substantial lift in image & new clientele.

Resort - Clearwater Island Lodge
Clearwater utilised John’s creative instincts to attract more guests to their fishing lodge.

Resort - Horizons Golf Resort
John studied the resort and provided a Marketing Plan for moving forward.

Retail - Adopt a Teddy
Over 10,000 people rushed to the store to get a bear during the Christmas season.

Telecommunications – Kooee
John was asked to provide “Direct Response-style” Marketing advice to Kooee.

Turf Grass – ALC
John produced staggering results through his strategic marketing plan.

Video Ezy – Million Dollar Promo
Video Ezy wanted to stimulate loyalty and repetitive visitation.

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