Research Services
Research helps with Marketing Strategies to      
understand customers and non-customers.                

John also surrounds himself with suppliers of both quantitative and qualitative research. He works closely with such providers in delivering vital customer and prospect information to his clients.

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Such research helps his clients adopt new Marketing Strategies as a result of better understanding their customers and non-customers. Examples of providing such expertise to clients are John’s research efforts in helping The Greater Building Society and Parramatta Leagues Club in recent years.

In the instance of The Greater Building Society, quantitative and qualitative research was undertaken to determine things such as:

  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Consumer re-call level of Marketing messages. (Such as the Free Holiday with home loans).
  • Customer attitudes towards “fees”
  • Customer attitudes to advertising techniques such as “testimonials”
  • Consumer attitudes towards Branches being open on Saturday mornings

In the instance of Parramatta Leagues, such research was undertaken to determine:

  • Consumer attitudes towards the Club’s entertainment offerings
  • Consumer attitudes towards Catering and Beverage outlets in Club
  • Consumer attitudes towards introducing new restaurant cuisines
  • Consumer attitudes towards different prize incentives in contest give-aways
  • Members and non-Members attitudes towards numerous Club facilities and issues
  • Member and non-Member attitudes towards the multi-cultural diversity of Club patronage

In the quantitative research, John was able to provide these clients with a substantial sample size amount of evidence to help the organisations make informed decisions. In the instance of qualitative research, John was able to provide “the values and inner personal emotions which ultimately are called the drivers of behaviour”, through the use of focus groups.

In recent times, John has formed a close relationship with one of Australia’s foremost exponents of Consumer Research. As a result, John can deliver both the problems and the solution to any client, as his “marketing methodology” is based on sound research findings.

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